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Restorative Care in North Royalton, OH

Restorative care is the assessment, diagnosis, treatment, and rehabilitation of damaged teeth. Here at North Royalton Pediatric Dentistry, we understand that even with vigilant dental care, many children and adolescents still develop gum problems or cavities. We have developed a method of dental care that focuses on prevention. Our philosophy is that when children are taught proper oral hygiene in their youth, they are more likely to practice good habits as they become adolescents and adults.

Many patients wonder why it is important to care for primary or “baby” teeth, since they are just going to fall out anyway, to be replaced by secondary or “adult” teeth. Caring for teeth in childhood has many benefits. Besides developing healthy hygiene habits, children will benefit by developing stronger gums and ligaments and creating strong and healthy pathways for adult teeth to follow when they are ready to come in.

When cavities occur, we make it our top priority to treat our young patients with care, gentleness, and patience. We pride ourselves on our ability to put our patients at ease as they receive the best treatment we can give. 

restorative procedures

We offer several restorative procedures to meet your child’s dental needs. Some of the restorative care procedures we perform include the following:

  • Deep cleanings: At your regular checkup, the hygienist will brush and floss the patient’s teeth using some of the best dental equipment available. This deep clean penetrates much of the build-up and staining that can occur.
  • Tartar removal and debridement: Using dental instruments, we are able to remove accumulated tartar and plaque in areas that are not easily accessible with a toothbrush or floss. Unwanted deposits are gently loosened and removed from the teeth, and the teeth are polished to restore their natural shine.
  • Fillings: A dental bur is employed to remove any decayed portion of the tooth and to create space for restorative materials. The space is then filled and sealed off to prevent any further decay.
  • Root canals: When the decay of a tooth has penetrated the pulp cavity and threatens the root of the tooth, a root canal is often recommended. Space is created by a dental bur, and the root of the tooth is removed. It is replaced with a filling, and the outer layer of the tooth is cleaned, shaped, and covered with a crown.
  • Crowns: For various reasons, crowns may be employed to cover and protect the surface of a tooth. Both temporary and permanent crowns may be used in different settings for various purposes.

Whatever your child’s needs are, the staff members at North Royalton Pediatric Dentistry are here to provide the expert care necessary to restore your child’s smile, helping it to be as bright and strong as possible. We offer many options of care to meet your needs, from emergency care to infant care and regular preventive care. We happily care for patients with special needs and pride ourselves in our ability to create an environment where all of our patients can feel comfortable and confident. For the more nervous patients, we offer sedation dentistry, including nitrous oxide (or “laughing gas”), as well as general anesthesia, so that any unnecessary discomfort can be avoided.

Give us a call during regular office hours, or request an appointment online. We will have your child’s smile restored to its natural beauty in no time!